For most of my life I have helped those whom I come in contact with.  More and more the conversations with my audio customers/friends end up as conversations on what really matters......and that is happiness.  I have received feedback over the years how much I have helped people so now I have decided to start doing this type of counseling/coaching as a general service.

My backround includes years of spiritual practice and study, doing astrological reading, attending various workshops including EST and Insight Transformational Seminars, doing Reiki, being a member of a spiritual church for 10 years, having several powerful relationships (big teachings here!), etc.

The services I am offering are:

1.  First one hour session is $30.  You would submit in advance your birth data so I could look at your astrology before we get started.  The astrological infomation is simply a tool. Most of what we will be looking at will be much more personal....but the astrological chart can help me see some patterns and maybe start us in a certain direction.

2. Any follow up sessions are charged a dollar a minute with 60 minutes minimum ($60).  There is no commitment in time.  You can have as many or few sessions as you like. 

The exception to this would be if there are short follow up sessions to see how you are doing with a particular goal we have set together......again these conversations would be a dollar a minute. These prices are way below what most counselors and coaches charge.

The techniques I use are variable as we are all unique souls on our own path and what is needed for one person would not be appropriate for another.  And as we grow we need different feeback and techniques to help us grow.  Guided meditations to find out what the soul needs are primary. Affirmations, visualizations, goal setting, mirroring, role playing, deep inner listening, trust exercises, self mothering, techniques to heal the past (mother, father, etc.issues), breathing, posture, toning, chanting, invoking, allowing, etc. etc.

We can all read self help books.....nothing I could tell you is new......well, maybe to you....he he.  But there is no substitute for someone who is there on your side wanting you to succeed in everything you do.  We all need encouragement, acknowledgement, love and support.  The techiques are the tools but the love and support is the power.  We all lift each other up.  I learn from every interaction with everyone I meet.  I want you to discover what your passions are and how best to achieve them.  You create your life.  Hopefully, I can help you do that.

What we all want is to follow our hearts passion and live our life in fearless joy for the betterment of ourselves and everyone else.  The more happy you allow yourself to be the more you allow others to also be happy.  The quality of every thought, the quality of your spoken words, the quality of your feelings and the quality of your actions determine your reality.  May you be blessed with divine thoughts, words, feelings and action.  Love is what we came here for.  Love and Joy is who we are.

Please call me (Ric Schultz) at 831-600-7102 or email me at to set up an appointment and to give me your birth data.  I am available for sessions most days from 9AM to 8PM M-F Pacific time.  I prefer Paypal but can take MC and Visa as well.