Making a Difference Through Positive Action.............Thoughts have Power!

This the preliminary website for "We are Love and".   My name is Ric Schultz and my initial goal is to make and distribute one million positive uplifting bumper/window stickers within 4 years (in English) in the US and Canada.   I also want to make them in Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc. to distribute throughout the world.  Also planned are clothing, jewelry, dash board stickers, magnet stickers, desk plaques, coffee cups, you name it.  I also want this site be become a hub for positivity including an ongoing positive newsletter about all good things happening on all fronts.  I also have love processes and meditations that I want to share via books and seminars as well.....but first, the bumper stickers.

Words are powerful.  What we say to each other (and ourselves) makes a serious difference.  I find it amazing that bumper stickers have never been taken seriously as a way to really uplift humankind.  We see one now and then but where else do you see anything printed that says anything positive......really practically never.  I believe we are always loved by the universe.  However, we need to listen and tune in to this love as we have programmed ourselves asleep.  Positive bumper stickers will make the voice of spirit more accessible.  I noticed my new neighbor Krista had some bumper stickers on her car.  I told her of my bumper sticker campaign and she said she was in a bad mood one day and saw the bumper sticker  "Being nice to people is really a good idea" changed her mood.  She searched and found the bumper sticker and now it is on her car and people have commented to her that it is really cool.  This is just the beginning.  Imagine one million uplifting statements being seen every least 10 people are going to see these every day....that is 10 million people a day seeing something positive!!!!  This will make a serious difference in peoples lives.  I just met a man in the forest who is from Ethiopia....but has lived here in the US for years.  He went back to Ethiopia recently to visit and went to an elementary school and all over the school/school yard were positive banners and slogans from all the greats.  He said these kids were just full of confidence and joy.  They are feeding their children positivity and personal belief.  What are our schools teaching? 

No matter what spiritual path or not that one thing is for sure.  Everyone want to feel more love and joy in their life.  Everyone wants their life to matter.  Everyone wants to be prosperous.  Everyone really wants to be of service.  My prayer is that these positive statements will cut across all religous and spiritual barriers and reach deep in the heart of mankind.  We don't need any more separation.  It is time for all of us to come together in the joyous celebration of all life everywhere.

Putting a positive statement on your car is holding the space for that statement.  It is a statement to the universe that you care and want everyone to be happy.  Of course, we need to take this into more action by actually acting in more loving ways....especially praising and acknowledging the loving presence of everyone you dynmically as you can.  What we say and do makes a tremendous difference!  But even an uplifting statement on the butt of your car can turn someone completely around.  The next time they are in a negative space they will remember that it is implanted from that moment in their consciousness.  Every tiny thing you do makes a difference......however, this is not tiny.

The plan is to contact litereally millions of people via social media/email about the upcoming bumper sticker campaign and crowd funding.  When the crowd funding is about to begin then contact everyone again.  My goal is to raise between 100-400 thousand dollars in donations.  The bumper stickers will be $5 so if 20,000 people buy one and also donated $15 each there would be $400,000 raised.  This money would be used to make hundreds of different bumper stickers, advertisements. social media time, pay for artists, empolyees, business rent, label printers, etc.   Once this gets really rolling we would be selling over 1000 stickers a day.  This is a lot of work and I will need a lot of help.

We will be selling these wholesale in quantity, have quantity discounts and make custom ones for anyone (includng one offs).



Here is what I need help doing:

1. Setting up a beautiful website:  I want this to look super delicious and uplifting.  There will be the mission statement, listings of all the stickers, a page for each sticker showing the origin of the phrase, the person who gave me the phrase, a possible web link to that person or organization, any copyrights, the artists name and the artists website.  I want everyone connected with these phrases and "spreading the word" to get recognition and thanks. The picture of each sticker can be made full size so can be seen in actual size.  I want to have comment pages and a forum so people can chime in at anytime to tell us of their experience of the stickers and also give us feedback and suggest new stickers, uses and people to contact.  A testimonial page will be there as well.  Naturally, quotes from noted people who are supporting/backing us.  The website should be easy to use and the shopping cart, inventory managment and label making should be easy as well.  Music on each page too?

2. Social media and advertising.  I know little of the soical media scene but I can tell that with minumal effort tons of people can be reached.  U-tube vidoes as well.  My goal is to contact every body that is possible....Oprah, Deepak Chopra, all the spiritual leaders of every kind.....every Yoga studio, every Buddhist group, every New Thought Group, every church of every persuasion....all educators of life....everywhere.

3. Business plans......shall I do it as a non profit or not?  Etc. Etc.

4. Artists.......great artists are needed to create beautiful stickers.  Some stickers can be just print on backround but I want to make these things really desirable and beautiful.

5. Selecting the best phrases for the stickers.  I have attached a link to ones that I have put together but this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Please read the current list of possible bumper stickers and feel free to contact me with your list of favorites or suggestions for new ones or modifications to ones shown.  If you have any talent for any of the above please contact me or let me know if you know someone who could help me in any way. 

In the Love and Joy,
Ric Schultz


Seems I bit off more than I can chew with this bumper sticker game.  Way more work than my 71 year old body wants to do.  I will have bumper stickers but they will come after my first book is published (the original idea).  I am writing a book titled: You are Beautiful, I Love you, Thank you......subtitled: Oh my God, it feels good, Yes.  The plan is to have it out first quarter of 2020.....spirit willing.......and me willing.